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The ESSAFIN team has over 250 years of combined expertise from scientists to industry leaders.

Collaboration among disciplines and continuous think tank sessions have shaped this enterprise and will continue to be our cornerstone of innovation in the years to come. The team consists of the core executive team, our dedicated contract programmers, and our seasoned advisory committee. Our team is firmly resolved to the ESSAFIN Vision and Mission of the company.


Get to Know Us


Darren Brown, PhD

Founder & Director

Dr. Darren Brown is an environmental scientist and assessment practitioner with over two decades of experience working in industry, government, and consulting. Dr. Brown specializes in the strategic development of ESG and environmental sustainability programs. His background includes policy creation, environmental systems, impact assessment, regulatory permitting and compliance auditing.  This diverse experience is reinforced with a BSc in Biology, a MSc in Environmental Management, and a PhD in civil engineering with a focus on life cycle assessment.


Darren's extensive first hand knowledge of assessing environmental and societal values associated with projects and processes allows for an unencumbered and practical approach to understanding ESG risk.

 Yuxiang Chen, BSc.

0826_2 (1).jpg

Chief Technical Officer

Yuxiang is a Software Engineer who taught himself to code at age 12. ESSAFIN's dedication to doing things the right way the first time prompted his departure from Facebook (Amsterdam) where he led a team of 10 programmers developing prototype projects, bringing those prototypes through to MVP and out to market. Before this, he was a software engineering manager for Fetchr (Dubai). Leading a team of 17 across two countries to rollout the Gulf (GCC) VAT system. His experience also includes his time as founder of the payment team and lead software engineer for Careem. This company was sold to Uber for $3.1B in 2020. Yuxiang began his career at Google (London) where he built a system in charge of processing sensitive data in real time.

Omezikam Onuoha
MSc Zoology, GIS


Chief Scientist

Omezikam Onuoha, Chief Scientist

Omezikam is an environmental specialist and practitioner with over a decade of experience across international development, public and private sectors. His notable professional work experience includes the World Bank Group (WBG) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). He holds a BSc in zoology, an MSc in zoology, and in geo-information science and earth observation. Omezikam has a wealth of experience in environmental risk management and sustainability,environmental systems, natural resources management, blue economy, waste management, biodiversity, geographical information systems, climate change and disaster risk management, compliance auditing and project management. 

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