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When investing in industries with traditionally large footprints, it is a top priority to ensure that projects are built according to high ESG standards.


The ESSAFIN auditing team does not rely on unverified voluntary reporting mechanisms or trial and error to audit ESG risk. Many organizations use well recognized databases—such as GRESB, MSCI, SASB, and GRI—for standards and benchmarks in ESG reporting and company rankings. Investment professionals apply these methodologies in the context of financial materiality for the purpose of advising their clients who are interested in supporting ESG values. We differ from these ESG standards and benchmarks in that we go beyond the self reported data to offer investment professionals an objective account of a project’s or company’s ESG impacts.


Our ESG auditing team captures over 250 years of combined firsthand knowledge of environmental assessment, social innovation practice, and fair and equitable governance. We incorporate this knowledge and experience directly into our auditing criteria for the purposes of transparent reporting.


By working with the ESSAFIN auditing team, lenders and investors will have a clear path to ESG outcomes that are both real and verifiable.

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