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  • Darren Brown

Life Cycle Thinking - the right way to think about environmental sustainability

When thinking about environmental impact many people have developed strong associations with what they see or what they have been told. But, the only true way to determine the impact of a product, project or process is to understand it from cradle to grave (i.e., determine the initial impact from its creation, evaluate the overall impact throughout its operational life, and, finally assess impacts associated with discarding or decommissioning).

In reading about Amazon's recent environmental challenges, life cycle questions comes to mind - In absence of Amazon, how are those 100 million users accessing their products? Are they all driving their vehicles to malls and shopping centres? What does that impact look like in comparison to the Amazon process?

ESSAFIN Logic incorporates Life Cycle Thinking into ESG risk analysis and recognizes organization's efforts to lower risk by being holistic in their approach to product, project, or process design.

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